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Welsh technology to join search for life on Mars, BBC News (23/11/23)

Mission to explore life on Mars one step closer as UK team to replace Russian components for Mars Rover, Press Release by Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, UK Space Agency, and Andrew Griffith MP (23/11/23)

UK Space Agency funds work to replace Russian components on Mars rover, Aberystwyth University News (23/11/23)

Aber scientists to take lead on Mars rover project, Cambrian News (23/11/23)

UCL scientists to help build new instrument on Mars rover, UCL News (23/11/23)


A degree that just might get you to Mars, Aberystwyth University News (22/06/19)


YouTube: Mars rover gets test drive in Spain – controlled from Oxfordshire | ITV News, ITV News (26/10/18)

YouTube: UK Robotics Week at Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth University (12/07/18)

Model of ExoMars rover named after late professor, Cambrian News (09/07/18)

ExoMars model named after Aberystwyth University space robotics pioneer, Aberystwyth University News (05/07/18)

[Welsh] Heno live broadcast: unveiling of ExoMars rover model, S4C (29/06/18) YouTube: ‘Robot Exomars Prifysgol Aberystwyth’ Clip

Life size model of the ExoMars Rover to be unveiled at Aberystwyth Robotics Week, Aberystwyth University News (22/06/18)

Virtual Model for Mars Mission Planning, Advances 84 (18/04/18)

Exploring Mars in Virtual Reality, UK Space Agency Blog (19/02/18)


Computer visualizations key to ExoMars rover development, Prifysgol Aberystwyth University Flickr album (27/11/17)

Computer Visualisations key to ExoMars rover development, Aberystwyth University News (23/11/17)

ExoMars heads to Iceland for eye-test, Aberystwyth University News (31/07/17)

ExoMars Field Trip, UK Space Agency Blog (10/10/2017)


Aberystwyth scientists hoping to find life on Mars, BBC (01/12/16)

Aurora: Europe’s Journey to Mars, Documentary by Imperative Space  (18/10/16) YouTube: Instrument Field Trials SegmentFull Documentary

Britain’s race to find life on the Red Planet helped by Aberystwyth scientists, Wales Online (10/03/16)


The robot taking stained glass and a ‘selfie’ mirror to Mars, BBC (26/10/15)

Why Robot That Gets ‘Tired and Hormonal’ Is a Good Thing, Communications of the ACM (21/10/15)

Why robot that gets ‘tired and hormonal’ is a good thing, BBC (18/10/15)

Aberystwyth celebrates World Space Week 2015,  Aberystwyth University News (07/10/15)

[Welsh only] ‘Darnau o Gymru’ ar eu ffordd i blaned Mawrth, BBC Cymru Fyw (08/08/15)

Aberystwyth takes Mars to Meifod, Aberystwyth University News (31/07/15)

Aberystwyth University’s drive for ‘smarter’ Mars robots, BBC (14/07/15)


Professor Dave Barnes, Aberystwyth University News (31/07/14)

Case Study: ExoMars, UK Space Agency (03/07/14)

YouTube: ExoMars Mission 2018 – Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth University (21/01/14)


True Colours for Martian Landscape, Advances 70 p.20-21 (2013)

Aberystwyth expertise for Mars mission, ITV (03/10/13)

Desert eye test, Aberystwyth University News (03/10/13)

Mars rover learning on Welsh beach, Wales Online (28/03/13)