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A degree that just might get you to Mars, Aberystwyth University News (22/06/19)


YouTube: Mars rover gets test drive in Spain – controlled from Oxfordshire | ITV News, ITV News (26/10/18)

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Model of ExoMars rover named after late professor, Cambrian News (09/07/18)

ExoMars model named after Aberystwyth University space robotics pioneer, Aberystwyth University News (05/07/18)

[Welsh] Heno live broadcast: unveiling of ExoMars rover model, S4C (29/06/18) YouTube: ‘Robot Exomars Prifysgol Aberystwyth’ Clip

Life size model of the ExoMars Rover to be unveiled at Aberystwyth Robotics Week, Aberystwyth University News (22/06/18)

Virtual Model for Mars Mission Planning, Advances 84 (18/04/18)

Exploring Mars in Virtual Reality, UK Space Agency Blog (19/02/18)


Computer visualizations key to ExoMars rover development, Prifysgol Aberystwyth University Flickr album (27/11/17)

Computer Visualisations key to ExoMars rover development, Aberystwyth University News (23/11/17)

ExoMars heads to Iceland for eye-test, Aberystwyth University News (31/07/17)

ExoMars Field Trip, UK Space Agency Blog (10/10/2017)


Aberystwyth scientists hoping to find life on Mars, BBC (01/12/16)

Aurora: Europe’s Journey to Mars, Documentary by Imperative Space  (18/10/16) YouTube: Instrument Field Trials SegmentFull Documentary

Britain’s race to find life on the Red Planet helped by Aberystwyth scientists, Wales Online (10/03/16)


The robot taking stained glass and a ‘selfie’ mirror to Mars, BBC (26/10/15)

Why Robot That Gets ‘Tired and Hormonal’ Is a Good Thing, Communications of the ACM (21/10/15)

Why robot that gets ‘tired and hormonal’ is a good thing, BBC (18/10/15)

Aberystwyth celebrates World Space Week 2015,  Aberystwyth University News (07/10/15)

[Welsh only] ‘Darnau o Gymru’ ar eu ffordd i blaned Mawrth, BBC Cymru Fyw (08/08/15)

Aberystwyth takes Mars to Meifod, Aberystwyth University News (31/07/15)

Aberystwyth University’s drive for ‘smarter’ Mars robots, BBC (14/07/15)


Professor Dave Barnes, Aberystwyth University News (31/07/14)

Case Study: ExoMars, UK Space Agency (03/07/14)

YouTube: ExoMars Mission 2018 – Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth University (21/01/14)


True Colours for Martian Landscape, Advances 70 p.20-21 (2013)

Aberystwyth expertise for Mars mission, ITV (03/10/13)

Desert eye test, Aberystwyth University News (03/10/13)

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